I am originally from San Martín, a hot land of the jungle, known for its food and its feast of San Juan. In my beginnings I grew coca, on land in Saposoa, capital of the province of Huallaga. At that time there was a strong repression of the government towards the people who were dedicated to these crops, we were careful but still we did not feel satisfied with what he did.

I moved to Ucayali, my Shipiba roots allowed me to adapt to this environment very easily. Many products were grown here, some lost economic strength and dedicating themselves to it did not help to have a good economy at home. I decided then that I wanted to grow cocoa, a flagship product.
We didn't have much experience at first, my kids pushed me to continue with this; we were informed, some technicians trained us, I thank them. Today, my family has a small plot of land that is our greatest pride.

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