I come from the San Martín region, there I was born and lived my first years. I arrived in Ucayali fleeing a life wrapped in illicit products, violence and narcoterrorism of the 90's. I wanted to use my strength for the good of the field, to leave everything bad behind. He was 16 years old at the time. To give new meaning to my life I first worked as a watchman until I was 20 years old. After a long time I moved to Curimaná to reunite with my parents and work in agriculture. At that time a program to grow cocoa emerged, there was technical training and I began to get excited about this new life. We got fully involved in the planting of cocoa until we formed an association of cocoa farmers of which I am a part. I have 5 hectares: 3 in production and 2 in growth, plots of which my family and I are proud. Cocoa is a product that has allowed us to live with tranquility and we hope to inherit this way of life to our children.

We move forward, instilling in these new generations the love for the countryside and the cultivation of the finest cocoa.

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